Ready to set up the smart home devices in your rentals? Read on for instructions.

The general steps to set up each device are:

  1. Install the device using the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Connect the device to SmartThings.

Install the Smart Home Devices

Use the manufacturer's instructions to install each device (see below for installation resources). 

Please remember Rabbu is not a device manufacturer or retailer, so please contact the manufacturer's support number if you have difficulties during installation.

Don't Forget to Test the Lock

When installing a smart lock, it is critical that you test locking the lock remotely in the SmartThings mobile app and verify that the status updates to "locked". 

If the lock does not update with the status of "locked" in the mobile app, it is likely that the strike hole is too shallow.

Replace the Door Handle

If there is a second lock on the handle of the door, we strongly recommend replacing the handle with a "dummy" door knob. This will prevent guests from getting locked out when the handle is accidentally locked.

Connect the Devices to SmartThings

Once you have installed the smart home devices, you will need to connect them to SmartThings using the new Samsung SmartThings mobile app. You may need to create a Samsung account the first time you do this.

Find instructions on how to connect each device to SmartThings here.

Samsung SmartThings Locations

It's important to use a new Location for each unit in the SmartThings app in order to keep track of what devices go to what unit.

Additionally please include your workspace name and the listing address in the name of each SmartThings location in this format: "Rabbu Homes— 123 Main St."

Installation Resources

Samsung SmartThings App & Hubs

SmartThings Hub
SmartThings WiFi
Connecting Devices to SmartThings


Yale Push Button Deadbolt (YRD216)


Ecobee 3 Lite Thermostat
Honeywell T5+ Thermostat

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