If you use Rabbu's guest lock code automation, we send guests a message containing their lock code 24 hours before their check-in time. The message reads:

"Hi Denise,

Your access code is 3813, followed by the check mark on the keypad. Please note that this code is not active until your scheduled check-in time. If you are unable to access the unit with this code please check your messages for a new code. It is possible your code has changed.

Safe Travels!"

It's very important that any other automated messages you send to a guest are changed to account for this message when you set each unit live on Rabbu.

Backup Lock Code Message

Keep in mind that this lock code is not set to the lock until 10 minutes before their check-in. If at this time we are unable to set the code to the lock (i.e. the internet is down) then we send the guest a similar message containing the backup lock code.

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