There are just a few steps to start using Rabbu's home automation services:

  1. Set up your Rabbu account.
  2. Set up your smart home devices with Samsung SmartThings.
  3. Connect SmartThings to Rabbu.
  4. Set your listings live.

Set Up Your Rabbu Account

First click here to create a Rabbu workspace. From there you will create a user account to sign into Rabbu with and a workspace where you can view your listings.

You will also connect your provider (property management system or booking channel) in this step to sync your listings over to Rabbu.

Set Up Your Devices

Next find out what devices you need for the services you want to use. Remember that there is no additional cost for using additional Rabbu services, you just need to equip the right smart home devices in your rentals.

Once you have the devices you can usually install them yourself. Please use the device manufacturer for installation support rather than Rabbu.

Connect SmartThings to Rabbu

After installing the smart home devices in your units, you just need to grant Rabbu access to those devices via SmartThings so that you can control the devices through Rabbu.

Make Listings Live

Once your devices have been connected just click on the listing then click Make Listing Live to enable the automations.

Go Live Considerations

  • Make sure to change any existing messages to account for Rabbu lock codes messaging going out.
  • Reservations that exist before going live will have a new lock code generated and sent out to guests when going live.

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