Our smart lock automation ensures that each guest has a unique guest code that only works during the duration of their stay.

How does Lock Automation work?

When a guest books a property that has locks using Rabbu lock automation:

  1. A code is generated for the guest.
  2. The code is sent to the guest 24 hours before the check-in time.
  3. The code is set to the smart lock just before check-in time.
  4. The code is removed from the smart lock just after check-out time.

Can I change the time when the guest code works on the lock?

The time when the guest lock code starts working and stops working on the lock is completely based off of the reservation dates and times in your connected provider. 

If you change the dates or times in your provider (property management system) the duration the lock code will work for the guest will reflect those changes. This is especially useful to grant guests early check-in or late check-out access.

Note: Not all providers support changing the reservation check-in and check-out times.

Can I remove a guest code from a lock?

Yes, if you cancel the reservation in your provider (property management system) then the guest lock code will be removed from the lock.

How are guests sent their lock code?

The method with which guests are sent their lock code depends on your provider. If possible, we send the message through your provider who then forwards the message through the channel that the guest booked as a regular message.

Lock code messages are sent 24 hours before the check-in time.

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