We recommend understanding the basics of an internet setup before troubleshooting.

Why is the internet not working?

The internet is likely not working for one of the following reasons:

  • The router has been reset and needs to be setup
  • The modem or router are not receiving power
  • The ISP is not connecting the property to internet
  • The modem isn't working properly
  • The router isn't working properly
  • The device isn't working properly
  • User error

The Samsung SmartThings Router is Blinking Green and Red

The router will need to be set up again through the SmartThings app and all devices will need to be reconnected.

Check that the Correct WiFi Network and Password are Used

Ask the person connecting to WiFi what network and password they are using and confirm that they are spelled correctly using the right letter casing.

Ensure the Modem and Router are Receiving Power

Make sure the lights on the modem and router are on. If either the modem's or router's lights are off, then they likely are not receiving power. Try plugging them into a different outlet. Some older houses have light switches that control power to outlets.

Ensure the Modem is Connected

The cable set up by the ISP that connects the property to the internet should be plugged in to the modem securely. It is usually screwed to tighten the plug.

Reset the Modem

Most issues can be resolved by resetting the modem, router, and device. The modem can usually be reset by unplugging it from power and plugging it back in. Some modems have a reset button on them that you can press. 

The modem will take about 5 minutes to reconnect to the internet. If the "internet" or "broadband" light on the modem does not turn back on after 5 minutes. The problem is that the modem is not "getting" internet from the ISP. You will need to call the ISP that provides internet to that property to resolve this. It is possible that there is an internet outage in the area or billing has lapsed.

Ensure the Router is Connected

The Samsung SmartThings WiFi router should be connected to the modem with an ethernet cable. The cable should be plugged into the "In" port on the router and one of the "Ethernet" ports on the modem.

Reboot the Router

If the "internet" or "broadband" light on the modem is on, try rebooting the Samsung SmartThings WiFi router. This is done by unplugging the ethernet cable and power from the router and plugging them back in.

The router will take about 5 minutes to reconnect to the internet. Once connected, the light on the router will turn solid green.

Try Another Device

If the person still can't connect to WiFi, ask them to try connecting with another device. If the other device connects then the issue is with the initial device.

Restart the Device

If another device worked or the person does not have another device, they should try restarting the device then connecting to WiFi again.

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